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 Ctrl Z site V.1 still shows our works in the section FLASH GALLERY

  • Destroya T-Shirts
    The brand new Spring - Sommer Collection 2008 is coming out! Visit online  the animated Ctrl_Z Shop! Soon opening! Stay tuned *_0 !
  • 9 may 2008 CtrlZ exhibition
  • -----new info soon

    multi crossover media Exhibition :: Ctrl + Z crew
    photo - animation - video - illustration - interactive projects
  • We are another time in contest! our short "Superhandicap -superdiversamenteabile" its  on line on Romatv click on this link to see it !
  • It`s turned on! TeknoSurf is a blog about tekno streetware with infos, texts, links...
  • We are finally publishing on line new Videos from our crew! Check it out in section Projects!
  • The Guest gallery is moved to the Projects page
  • The 2. level of the videogame is ready! Check it out in our Flash gallery, Videogame section !
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